I cant get my server to start

I’m very new to these kinds of things so please be patient

so when I hit the start button on a new web UI tab the server will start and the server status will change to server online, but after a few seconds the server will go offline and I can’t get it to come back online at all. I have tried updating the Web UI, uninstalling and reinstalling everything, but nothing has changed

EDIT: I got the server online

the most likely cause will be java binary this is something that many ppl hang up on because its not apparent if you are not aware. What version of Minecraft are you trying to run?

Otherwise the first place you will want to look is at the mineos.log which is located at /var/log/mineos.log
This may or may not indicate any issues.

I’m trying to run Minecraft 1.18.2. I installed java 18 Arm 64 Compressed Archive. is that the wrong version.
also because I’m very new to this could you explain how I could get to the mieos.log please

Well do you use a computer that is arm based? you need to know this because ARM java will only work on ARM based platforms.

You also want to be using java 17 from what i just read on the Minecraft wiki java 18 may work if you know it works on the client then it should work for the server sorry i am not sure because i don’t play modern versions past 1.7 but i would recommend using java 17 first.

the path to the log is /var/log/mineos.log
use something like nano to read the log or ftp to look at the logs SFTP - MineOS Wiki

Also this forum has really good searching to it and there is much good info here so just search around because there is good info to read.