I cant get Forge for 1.18.2 to work

I followed those steps and got a targetable jar file but when I try to run it the server will start for around 10 seconds before crashing and in the mineos.log file it outputs this:
{“level”:“error”,“message”:“Ping, MC Server not available on port 25565”,“timestamp”:“2022-04-06T20:43:21.011Z”}
I cant find anything on the internet to help with the error message.

Have a look at the latest.log in the server directory.
After installing copy the *universal.jar from within server dir/libraries/net/forge/ or something therein. Then copy the line within the run.sh file to the jar(? Or java I forget) arguments. Then select the universal jar as the run file and click start.
That should work.

Here is what it said I don’t really know what to make of it.

[06Apr2022 21:01:32.087] [main/INFO] [cpw.mods.modlauncher.Launcher/MODLAUNCHER]: ModLauncher running: args [–launchTarget, forgeserver, --fml.forgeVersion, 40.0.40, --fml.mcVersion, 1.18.2, --fml.forgeGroup, net.minecraftforge, --fml.mcpVersion, 20220404.173914, -jar, forge-1.18.2-40.0.40-universal.jar, nogui]
[06Apr2022 21:01:32.092] [main/INFO] [cpw.mods.modlauncher.Launcher/MODLAUNCHER]: ModLauncher 9.1.3+9.1.3+main.9b69c82a starting: java version 17.0.1 by Oracle Corporation
[06Apr2022 21:01:32.241] [main/INFO] [mixin/]: SpongePowered MIXIN Subsystem Version=0.8.5 Source=union:/var/games/minecraft/servers/QuizzersSMP/libraries/org/spongepowered/mixin/0.8.5/mixin-0.8.5.jar%2314!/ Service=ModLauncher Env=SERVER

I used the arguments for both jar and java and now it wont start at all.

Yes I got it to work somehow. thanks for the help.

Can I get you to write what you did please/ final config, so others may benefit.

Dont know how Drew did it but I followed your instructions, had the same issues as he did, and then what I did was removed “Java” from the begining of the string and placed it in the Jar field rather than the Java field and the server booted.

I do have one question though, I saw on one of your replies in another thread that you had an image where your UI had a java selector, how did you get that?

I coded up a solution. I would like to integrate it but unfortunately getting a hold of Hexparrot to discuss a possible solution is difficult.
I also coded a potential solution for forge but same boat as above.

I am having the same problem. I ran the initial installer then followed your instructions to copy the universal.jar to the main server folder. Went into the start.sh and used the java arguments as needed but now when I go to start it does nothing. All I get in my mineos.log is {“level”:“info”,“message”:"[RaMcHiPs_Paradise] received request “start”",“timestamp”:“2022-05-22T18:27:50.698Z”}

Really wanting to get this up and running, would love any advice I can get.

Can you share your solution? Trying to get this to work and running into brick wall after brick wall.

Nevermind, was putting arguments in wrong field. DERP. WORKS GREAT! THANK YOU ALL!!