I can't connect to WEBUI

I have installed MineOS on my virtual machine(I use virtualbox) but when i try to connect to the WEBUI google chrome say took too long to respond.
Help me!

This is a class A IP address. Without getting too technical, it means that the network that your VM is operating on is not accessible from the network your desktop/laptop is working on.

From Virtualbox, you need to set your Networking to BRIDGED as seen in step 2.

This will give it an address your chrome/desktop would be able to communicate with, since it’ll be an address like 192.168.x.x

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Thank you very much!!!
Now I try

You could also port forward from VirtualBox, which has been proven useful in some cases (such as keeping the VM isolated from the main network while still being able to access/communicate with the VM locally, something like localhost for example, as well as in situations where you either don’t have a network or don’t want the VM accessible from over a network).