I Can't Access my Console in Webui, please help!

Hi there.
I installed turnkey and spigot 1.12. The server is running fine, but when I upload new plugins it does not generate its folder, and I have absolutely no access to the console tab “logging” in webui. Can someone help me?

May I suggest updating or resetting the web ui? The wiki provides information on how to do so. If resetting doesn’t fix it, let us know (you may or may not have to reboot after resetting).

updating is not working. The update command returns a connection error. Maybe I’ll have to reset it. You mean reinstall Crux?

Crux? I wasn’t around for MineOS Crux but man is that old and based on the information I find from time to time on it, it no longer works as intended. Based on the screenshot though I doubt you have MineOS Crux, it looks more like Node to me.

What are the exact error(s) that you get, and/or what are the command outputs that you get when following directions from the “Updating the Webui - MineOS” wiki page?

Sorry I said Crux, it is TurnKey.

when I type
git fetch
it returns “Cant connect to http://github…”

Well then in your case, you’ve likely configured and set a static IP locally via the system itself however forgot to enter valid DNS entries. For now, set that back to DHCP then try again with updating (or just fill in at least 1 valid DNS entry and try updating) and when you’re done you can set it back to whatever static IP you had set, but also including a valid DNS.

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I reinstalled TurnKey and managed to access console, but now it is happening another problem, wich I have reported here: Fresh Install Server won't Start!