HTTP instead HTTPS

Dear Forum.
I want to give access to mineOS and the webui from outside our home LAN. I have to use a DynDNS service, but this leads obviously to problems, as the browsers (tested with Firefox, Edge, IE) show ‘PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR’. The DynDNS service seems to be regarded as a ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack.
How do I allow access to the webui by HTTP? Btw, I use ‘’ as DynDNS provider.
Thank you very much!

There a file u need to edit call mineOS.conf
that can set to http or https

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Correct, /usr/games/minecraft/mineos.conf

use_https = true
socket_host = ''
socket_port = 8443

changed to:

use_https = false
socket_host = ''
socket_port = 8080

(these are examples, you’re welcome to choose any other port you want).

Thank you so far. I found the file and opened it, but it is read-only and I cannot open it with e.g. ‘sudo vi mineos.conf’, because sudo could not be found (’-bash: sudo: command not found ').
Sorry, but my world is Windows and I’m an absolute LINUX beginner.
So, how do I change teh Textfile now?
Thank you again!

There is no sudo and to install it, I need to be root, but to be root I have to enter the roots password, which I don’t know, as I have not been asked to create one during installation process.

Of course I specified a password, just re-installed and have been asked to create a password for root and mc. Let’s give it another try …

I had the same request, to be able to load the app on HTTP and a custom port, made the changes that hexparrot said, but nothing happend. Researching a bit more, I have this file: /etc/mineos.conf, with the same content as /usr/games/minecraft/mineos.conf. Made the required changes there:

> /etc/mineos.conf

use_https = false
socket_host = ''
socket_port = 80

Hope it helps!

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Indeed, the mineos.conf in /usr/games/minecraft is (mostly) just the copy the repo brings down and is then copied to /etc/mineos.conf.

There’s an edge case where this additional /usr... conf gets used, but it’s pretty rare.

I think also on startup, the logs will indicate which configuration file was successfully loaded (/etc/mineos.conf is always first).