HP DL350 G5 and MOS

Good eveming. Thanks for taking a look at this. I am trying to get MineOS running on a HP DL350 G5 and am running into issues. I have tried installing Cent OS 6.5 and Ubantu 12 and 14. With Cent 6.5 i could not get nic card drivers to load. I don’t think they r supported . Ubanto Everything works but it is really slow. Almost a minute to close out a window. It does connect and all updated r installed. It does have two short beeps on startup. I’m new at these OS and don’t know if there is a better P
OS to run? I am open to any suggestions. I have to learn one pf the OS I don’t care what one.

I am just trying to get a Minecraft server up and running for my boys.

Thanks again

Sorry i have also tried Ubantu 16 and have found the same issues .

I typically recommend Ubuntu, because it tends to have the widest variety of driver support and technical documentation online.

Ubuntu 14 and 16 should be fine, but I’d lean toward 16 so that you can more easily get Java 8, which is required for modern versions of Minecraft vanilla.

I can’t explain why for you, Ubuntu works, but is slow, but two short beeps on startup indicates a problem that you shouldn’t ignore: beep codes.

If you’re getting 2 short, some possible problems involve your PCI cards; take a look at the linked page to find which is appropriate for your HP hardware.

So, in summary:

  1. solve the beep code issue
  2. see that the computer works reliably fast–if it feels slow before Minecraft/MineOS, it’ll be slower after.
  3. Stick with Ubuntu 16, or feel free to try the MineOS Turnkey install.
  4. what does “really slow” mean? How did you measure it, what actions were you taking?

It is a DL360 G5. Sorry for the errors

It’s hard to pin down exactly what’s causing the issue in these situations. How much RAM does the server have? I believe the G5 uses Broadcom NICs on the motherboard, which in my experience can lead to poor performance. You may want to throw an Intel NIC in one of the (presumably) free PCI slots to see if that helps (https://techmikeny.com/server-components/network-interface/intel-expi9402ptblk) but be cautious to avoid throwing money at the problem.

I have Mineos running on 3GB RAM on Ubuntu 16 on a Dell T110 and performance has been great for 2 users, and possibly more.