How to view all previously logged in players?

So I’ve had a vanilla server for over a year now, but I don’t manage it fairly actively. It’s not an active community to begin with and more a monthly get together. In the last month the server got griefed and so I’ve gone about securing the server with an active whitelist. Previously the whitelist got taken down because not all the users had given their usernames, so more were blocked than active. Fast forward to now and everyone is on the list and the property is set to “True.” Restore point has also been created and news ones with be after each session.

I know it was griefing because I saw an unfamiliar username in the log through the WebUI interface. I’m wondering if it would be worth also banning said player. If so, how can I look through either the logs or server files for this previously logged in player? Any help would be appreciated and I’m kicking myself in the butt a bit for forgetting the whitelist got disabled. Thankfully they only trashed the first base and not all our other bases we have since created.

If you haven’t pruned them the logs in the server directory if I remember correctly /var/games/minecraft/servers/<server-name>/logs, what would be the point of banning as well?

Eh, I guess paranoid. I’ve seen talk that there are tools to bypass whitelisting. I was looking up ways to secure the vanilla server a bit more, and it seems whitelist is about all you can do. But if there is something more, I’d want to know.

Whitelist alone only blocks or allows a username, combine it with setting the server attribute “online-mode” to “true” and your server will contact mircosfot/mojang servers to confirm a true username.

This means that they need to have a verified account, and be whitelisted at your server to be allowed access

You can also set the default gamemode to “spectator”, and disallow users from changing their gamemode, so that if they access, they cant do anything other than fly around until someone with the apropriate rights change their gamemode.


That’s an excellent idea. To disallow users from changing their gamemode, is that enforcing the mode in the server properties? The only command line I’ve done so far is whitelisting.

Figured it out: Set gamemode to spectator in server properties, restart, have players log in and enter “gamemode survival player”, removed “enforce-gamemode” parameter to keep players in survival gamemode once logged back in.