How to update specific mods in an infinity profile?

Started with the FTBInfinity-1.10.1 profile on MineOS Turnkey with NodeJS. Ended up adding a few extra mods. Now i’ve unlocked the pack to update some specific versions. Went to winscp to add the new mods, and delete the old ones, but every time I start the server its putting the old file version back. this is in /var/games/minecraft/servers/ServerName/mods

Tried also updating/deleting in /var/games/minecraft/backup/ started server up, same problem. old version of file popped back up and crashed with duplicate mod. What is doing that auto restore? And how do I disable it?

Edit: Found the location: /var/games/minecraft/profiles/Infinityxxx/mods and was able to delete them to manually get around it. But how about a way to disable this auto restore feature?

The best answer is to not use profiles at all. Once a profile is used (or manually copied using the webui button), you do not need to keep that profile associated. This way, it doesn’t matter what exists in /var/games/minecraft/profiles/infinityxxx/mods–all the relevant files are in /var/games/minecraft/servers/ServerName/mods.

Put another way, profiles can be 100% ignored. 100%. They aren’t needed for anything.

They can be helpful, though, to get files downloaded and moved to the live server directory, but once there, the tie can be severed and the server files themselves (in /servers/Servername) will never get overwritten by anything outside of the Minecraft game process itself.

How do you disassociate a server with a profile? I was updating the servers directory, but profiles was overwriting it.

You should be able to just choose “change profile to:”. That should make the profile clear out; you’ll know if it worked if the ‘profile’ tile at the top of the page empties out.

In addition, you can empty out the value directly in server.config.

Lastly, you can just select any other profile. Profiles only serve a purpose in copying the files over from the /profiles/ directory. What really matters is the ‘runnable jar’–it’s the only thing that gets actually run.