How to uninstall MineOS

How would I uninstall MineOS off my ubuntu server?

I tried apt-get remove mineos and apt-get purge mineos, neither works.

If you didn’t use apt-get to install something, you can’t use it to remove something.

Removing mineos will differ depending on how you installed it, and most likely that is by a few commands from the wiki?

If so, remove the mineos and minecraft scripts from /etc/inet.d. That’s what starts up servers and the webui. When they’re gone, feel free to delete /etc/mineos.conf and /usr/games/minecraft.

There’s no registry, no hidden installation stuff. Removing it is enough to “uninstall” it.

Per this page,, it says it is a common error that deleting the script links will disable a service. This is likely true for all packages that include actual installation scripts rather than the manual move of files here.

In short, my instructions would be improper if mineos were installed via a package manager, but since it is not, the file removal is sufficient.

That said, feel free to use the instructions from this man page to change the services as you see fit–I’m not all that accustomed to removing mineos…