How to start PocketMine?

Please, help:
i downt know, how to install and start on MineOS!?
pocketmine is php (phar), mineos work in Java (jar)

MineOS works for Java-based jar files, and is unable to manage any other servers that are run via php or c++, for example.

There would need to be some fairly drastic design changes to MineOS to make it work–but that isn’t something currently planned. In the meantime, MineOS Turnkey is still simply a Debian-based distro, so you can still download php and a build environment and use the distro to build and run PocketMine… just not within the webui.

I started this server, everything is working fine. But the worst thinf so far: there are no mobs.

I’m exploring now what it would take to get pocketmine running within MineOS. I’ve actually already made a few commits toward getting it working, but the real ugliness is that it is unavoidable that you’d have to build the unique PHP binary that the PocketMine developers developed on, so even if the server will be runnable and managed via the web-ui, it will still require building the PHP binary via a script.

You could use sed,awk etc to create an automated option I think.

It’s less about automating and more about downloading dozens of mb on a potentially slow connection and then using up 100% cpu in the background for 10 minutes or maybe longer in a production environment.

Much of my job in mineos is UX, and I’m certain that downloading and compiling php in async is bound to confuse plenty.

That, and running a script isn’t hard work; I want an admin who wants to run a custom built php minecraft server to know–even remotely–what’s involved.

I don’t think I had to compile php. I’m not sure where you’re getting that idea from. Maybe if you’re not using a mainstream distro, but you are, so shouldn’t be needing to.
Just saw your other post. I stand corrected.

See the following link for instructions on using PocketMine on MineOS (‘testing’-level readiness).