How to setup Scheduling

Ok I got the server up and running on newest version of mineOS Turnkey. Figured out how to get restore and archives to run when I want them too. Is there a way to make cron job to shut down server, delete the end folder and start back up?

Unfortunately, no. Currently the available commands to cron jobs are limited to the select few you see in the dropdown.

The cronjob scheduler is a relatively new function (to MineOS) and seems to still have quite a bit of a learning curve with many users–a wrong input plus the capability to delete servers could be rather dangerous.

I may be able to tool it a bit so that maybe even ‘restores’ can be added–that way you can recover from an existing restore point, but even this functionality might be a while, as any destructive actions I tend to be extra wary and careful about testing before releasing to the masses.

can I run a script file I write to delete the folder?