How to remote access mc admin?

i have installed turnkey on an old pc (i5 2nd gen with 8GB RAM).
my family and friends play from their homes on this machine.
when i’m home on the same network i can play via LAN or via IP.
i can play via IP when i’m not home.
i can use my local IP to get to the admin console/web-ui
but i need help figuring out how to access the same from another network (across town)
i have tried to append the server’s IP with :8443/admin/index.html
i have tried to append the server’s IP with .182:8443/admin/index.html

what is the actual way to access the admin page over the web?

You need to set up port routing on the webadmin port (8443) to your MineOS machine. Be aware that some ISP’s block common web server ports from local machines.

i have actually done this part already.

and due to your post i called comcast and they say they are not blocking it.

what is the main method consider port forwarding is on?

standard ipv4 address + “:8443/admin/index.html”? cuz that doesn’t seem to be working…

you only use the port and IP adress. You do not dfeine any parts of URLS or path. That is left for the host you are portforwarding to to handle.

Do remember to use https://[your external address]:8443 to access the WebUI externally (please note the s in https, and do not include the brackets)


you rock!
thank you so much. that works. and now makes perfect sense.