How to open a mapcrafter html?

Hi All,

I hope you can help me, I’m sure what I am trying to do is really simple, but I have just got absolutely nowhere with this.

I am running a 1.9 snapshot server and was looking to get Mapcrafter running. I have managed to configure it and get it to generate a map, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to open the HTML file it creates.

I’m not overly skilled with linux and have done a fair bit of googling to no avail. I’ve tried running to the path from Windows with no joy (assuming that samba isn’t on the MineOS image?) and tried a desperate chmod 777 on the folder to no avail… please tell me what I’m missing, I know that this is probably something really simple but I don’t know where to go next.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Well, if it’s an HTML file, it’s a website file–and as such would need a web server to host it. Your browser, e.g., Firefox, Chrome, connect to web servers to retrieve the pages and images.

You’d need to install and configure a webserver such as lighttpd, nginx, etc.

Thank you hexparrot, should be an interesting one for me! Keep those fingers crossed :smile:

Well that was MUCH easier than I thought it would be. Thank you @hexparrot :smile:

Let us know how easy by summarizing (or detailing) what you did for future visitors!

Hi all,
Just wanted to continue this thread with some more information pertaining to this topic.

DISCLAIMER: because I’m not running a lot of worlds, and my system is on my home network, security is not my primary concern on this system . I only share one world and it’s map outside of my network, and that’s through aa independent proxy/firewall.

So I also wanted to install mapcrafter, here is a basic overview of what I did. has a good howto that I won’t cover here but just fallow there howto install on a Debian system and because Turnkey MineOS is, it was easy
Then I installed apache. This was a straight forward install with apt-get. (I know that it could be done with something different/lighter but it’s what I know)

Next I created a new conf file per and just changed the input directories to each of the worlds that I wanted to map. /var/games/minecraft/servers/name-of-world and the output to /var/www/name-of-world

At the prompt type Mapcrafter -c name-of-world.conf
And let it run.
Now point your browser to your MineOS server

Please remember that it can take a long time to render, and a Lot of hard drive space.

Also note that this also works with overviewer