How to let friends connect to my Server?

Hello, this is my first post ever so I’m kinda new to posting on a forum.

So I have JM36’s MineOS (the one that you just need to install and are ready to go) running on a VM and I was wondering to where I can see the IP that my friends need to connect to if they wanna join me?
I’m new to Linux so please explain it as easy as possible.

If you need more info just tell me.

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You won’t see the IP address anywhere inside the operating system. Almost all deployments of MineOS are in residential homes and therefore the servers themselves do not have ‘external’ IP addresses, just the internal ones.

In order to let people connect to your ‘internal’ ip address, you share the external one and enable “port forwarding.” You can find the ‘external’ IP address at sites like these.

And then you have to configure your modem/router to do port forwarding. Instructions are specific to your modem/router.

Thanks for the help but I have another question.

I dont really understand how I can find my external IP on that wiki page, can’t I just go to or something like that and use the IP that they show me there? What is the difference between internal and external?

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You are right, you can use sites like “What’s my IP” to get your external IP address.

Due to a shortage of IPv4 adresses in the world (there are a physical limit to them) it is not feasible that everything that can connect to a network gets a uniqe IPaddress on the internet. There simply are not enough addresses. IPv6 do sort that problem out, but we are still kinda reliant on IPv4 on the internett. To get around this limitation a few IP-ranges where reserved for LAN (Local Area Network) addressing (Internet is a type of WAN, or Wide Area Network). These ranges are 10..., 192.168..* and 172.16.. - 172.31... The two first are the most used ones. This means that your internet router/modem gets ONE external IP address from your internet supplier. this is your external IP address. You router provides internal IP-addresses from one of the three ranges above to anything you connect to your internal network. Your router also provides a service called NAT (Network Address Translation) that routes requests from the external IP to an internal IP. This do not work the other way around. Things outside your LAN cannot request data from your LAN’s internal IP’s, since they do not know what lies behind your external IP. This is why you need port forwarding. So that when your friends minecraft clients connects to your external IP, your router knows that any request it gets on that port has to be forwarded to that spesific internal IP address.

okay, so now I have port forwarded to my VM and tried connecting via the external IP plus the port just like this but it didnt work and now im lost again, do I need to port forward to my laptop? Don’t I need to put the port at the end of the IP or what am I doing wrong? Also I have VirtualBox and under network settings I selected bridged network and then selected my WiFi card

Are you able to connect via LAN to your server?

Yes, I can connect to it via LAN

You need to port worward to the same IP address you use to connect to over LAN.

You might also need to check your MineOS installations firewall settings:

So, okay now it says “pinging…” so it is working but the connection is too slow, is that because it is running on a VM or my WiFi card is too slow or what? How can I fix that. my router is pretty new so it shouldnt be it’s fault and my laptop is also pretty new so I think its something with the VM, but I dont know how to resolve that issue if its VM related.