How to install Texturepack on MineOS

I have a Minecraft Server from MineOS; the operating system I’m using is Debian 9. I want to add a texture pack to my server, and whenever someone joins, the player can have the texture pack added to their game. So I don’t know if my hardware will be a limitation. But I have a dual Xeon L5640, 24GB ECC DDR3 triple channel.

There is a setting in the server.cfg that is called something like resource-pack=
upload the resource pack to something like google drive and then paste the link at that flag so it would look like.



Another way that imo is probably better would be to upload it to discord if you have a community because i think doing it the other way nags players each time they log on to the server. That way you are not pushing it in peoples throats.

Majority of people won’t be interested in it anyway because most people have their own preference ans some people don’t even use tex packs either.