How to Install Profiles

I know that this is a rather newbie question, but how do install profiles manually? I can’t get my Mineos server to download the 1.14.4 jar. So I want to try it manually. I know that that isn’t a very in depth question. Because I don’t know what else to say.

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i too am having similar problems, are any profiles loading for you at all in the web ui ?

In the current implementation of MineOS you do not add profiles manually. They are coded in, and are refreshed using he “reload profile list” function (top corner menu, where you se the currently logged in user).

You can, however, add server jar or phar files manually to any server directory using any ftp program, then select the jar or phar in the server file dropdown menu.

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Profiles are simply a convenience (when they work!) to get known-jarfiles from known-locations to your server’s directory.

For all other cases, whether it’s a custom jar, a server not given a profile, or just to do things manually, you’ll ignore profiles altogether.

When running a server, profiles are ignored–it only depends on what Jar you have selected in the jarfile dropdown. You can have whatever profile you want selected (ie ignored) and it will always honor the Jarfile to use dropdown.

That means you only have to copy the server jar you want to use using any ftp program, as recommended above. Filezilla is a popular candidate for such activity.

I didn’t exactly fix it. I found out I was using a corrupted mine os installation. I reinstalled it and now the system says it has no internet connection despite the fact that it can ping any website. Any help?

Never mind, it literally just started working after I posted this question, but could you still answer it for those who aren’t so lucky?

Ok thank you i‘ll try this!