How to install plugins?

sorry in advance if this is obvious, i dove straight into linux about 3 days ago without knowing a single thing about it.

hi, i have a server up and running and a plugins folder in var/games/minecraft/servers//, but i was wondering how do i exactly get a plugin into said folder? is it dependant on transferring the file over a network or is there a way to download a file through linux terminal?

Both, there are numerous ways of downloading files through terminal (such as cURL and wget most common) and there are numerous ways of transferring over the network (such as SSH/SFTP with WinSCP and FileZilla).

hi . i also have trouble running the dynomap plugin…

i manualy created the plugins folder /var/games/minecraft/servers/Test/plugins/
and droped the dynmap-2.5.jar file.

Installation is one debian docker container and a second turnkey mineos vm.
I’ve build the spigot 1.13.2 jar…

MineOs is: git commit: b28c5be

Server comes up, but the dynomap ist accessable under 8123!?

Sorry i’m a nnob with MC-Hosting ;/ Thanks for help

Have you taken a look at the iptables firewall with regard to the MineOS Turnkey installation?