How to install iptables?

Hi! I have been trying to enable port 25565 on my mine OS server but it doesn’t seem to work because I guess the firewall is blocking it from being port forwarded. I cant port forward my server. When I try to enter the command iptables --list, (as root) it says an error message that tells me that it cant find the command “iptables”. I have tried looking up how to install it with 0 result about the question that I was asking.

I am not using FreeNAS, instead I am using Debain with mine OS installed on it.

Per Debian’s wiki, iptables is being replaced by nftables. That would explain why it’s not found, but there should definitely be places showing how to install it.

I have followed the steps that they have shown in this page, “iptables - Debian Wiki” and this page, “Debian 10: How can I disable nftables and continue to use IPTables only? - Server Fault” and it still doesn’t seem to work. It still says the message that it didn’t find the command iptables.