How to install a Forge 1.6.4 server?

Hi all, I’ve been running a Forge 1.7.10 server for a long time. It was a little difficult, but reading the wiki page got me there. However, I’m interested in setting up another Forge server, but for 1.6.4. The wiki page says something about manually editing files and I’m just lost. Does anybody know how to install a 1.6.4 forge server under mineos?

What wiki and what files?

Forge itself already has a relatively convoluted system for being able to get it up and running, but MineOS makes it harder–because it’s trying to automate functionality it’s really not well-suited for.

Instead of trying to figure out how to get Forge working on MineOS, I recommend just following normal Forge tutorials to get a working jar file. Then, to run that jarfile from MineOS, simply create an “unmanaged” profile that just runs the filename you created (from the Forge tutorials), that you can place in the server’s directory.

Because of the massive amount of switching between webui and CLI and other utilities, MineOS (Python) is pretty much not ideal for creating 1.6.x jars.