How to find ipv4 adress?

Hello I want to run a minecraft server form me and my friends.
im running mineos turnkey on an dell optiplex 755 with 8 gigs of ram
the server works on my pc
but to port forward i need to have a ipv4 adress as my router needs it
I cant find the ipv4 adress nowhere so how do i get it?
i am not familiar with linux
I really need help
-Bryan Vullers

In the command line type:

hostname -I

That would be a capital i after the dash. The output should be your ip address. If you didn’t set it as static during the install it could change.


I stil cant port forward it if got it configuert like so
protocol:tcp and ucp
start port:25565
end port:25565
map start port:25565
map end port:25565

and then my ip that i can find in hostname -I
there are no more options

-Bryan Vullers

Are you saying that’s how it’s configured in your router? Routers greatly vary in their interface so one thing you might do is follow instructions at (there is a lot of information there, but it is hidden behind very obnoxious sales ads–you definitely do not need to buy anything)

That said, hostname -I will get you your ip address or you can find it via ipconfig–either is your ipv4 address that you’d want to have 25565 forwarded to, though it’s weird you have it set with “start/end/map”–seems a lot more verbose than most port forwarding setups require.

You’ll need to be a bit more clear about where you’re having trouble. If you have your ipv4 address from your server box, 100% of the remaining problem is on your router.

This means you’ve either set up port forwarding correctly in the past–and you simply need to update an ip address–and that’s it, or you’ve set it up as DMZ, which is …sufficient, but you’d just need to adapt it for your Linux box instead of your pc.

yes i mean it is configured like thath in my router.
and the ip is from the server yes
It works on every pc IN MY NETWORK somebody in a diffrent place cant join the minecraft server
I wil try to port forward a server from windows on a different pc if thath works i wil try it again mayby it wil work than.

-Bryan Vullers

Take a couple of screen shots of your router port forwarding interface.

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Verizon’s routers have that option. I believe it refers to the originating port on the pc trying to reach your server. Mine is set to any. Also for Minecraft I believe you only need the tcp protocol. It would help to know what make/model router you’re using.

You are saying that everybody on your local network (LAN) can connect to your server?
Can you please tell us, how they connect?
Do they enter your computername to connect to or do they enter an address to connect to?
If they enter a computername then you would need to resolve the computername to an IP address.

from a console session, try to enter the following command "ping ". don’t add the ", and replace for your actual computername.

This command does a couple of things, one is, resolve the computername to an actual IP address it is using.
Depending on your OS, version and configuration it could give you are IPv4 address or a IPv6 address.
For now, I will presume it’s an IPV4 address.

Once, you have this IP address, try to connect from minecraft to this specific IP address.
This should work without any problems.

Now that we have the local IP address of your server.
You need to get the port, fortunatly your already have the port number that your minecraft server is running on.

The third step is to get your external or also called WAN IP address.
You can get this IP address easily by going to for example:
This website will show you your external/WAN IP address. write it down, you will need it in the next step.

Now go open the webinterface of your router, in most cases it would be something like
You can also look at your network address configuration and write down your gateway address, most of the times this is also your router address.

Now that we have all that information, and you are logged on to your routers webinterface, you will need to setup the port forward.
In this part you enter a couple of things.
Protocol: TCP/UDP : select TCP for this specific config.
WANIP: (depending on the router this is not visible or preconfigured)

Now the router knows, that if somebody from the internet is accessing your WAN IP address, that it will have to listen on the startport: , and if it receives requests on that port, it will forward all data to a machine on your LAN using that same port, and therfore an Internet user will be able to access your server.

Now, ask your buddies on the Internet to test your server, let them access your .
Do note, that it some cases your WAN IP might change from time to time. So this could result in you having to modify the Portforward from time to time.

In some routers this issue can be resolved, by making use of dynamic DNS, but that’s a whole other topic :smile:

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What u said above thats what ive done.
But ive heard that the firmware in my router has got a bug.
and this cant be solved.
its a zte h368n.
i got it from the kpn a internet provider here in the netherlands witch i use.
But ive got another router a much better one let me try it on there…

-Bryan Vullers

Hi Brian,

Would you mind to add a link to this specific bug report?

I also live in The Netherlands, and did some googling for you.
I did find a lot of people with similar issues, but up until now I have not been able to find a topic which states it can’t be fixed.

If you like you can post your config in screenshots or text, so I can have a look at it for you.
Have you also check the firewall on your computer, maybe windows firewall is still blocking your traffic.

Well i have found out how it works even on the zte.
Butt now i have a second server.
the server starts and says i its running.
But when i connect loacal it just does not work i have tried diffrent ports.
And oudside of my ip it also does not work help help!
Bryan Vullers

Don’t forget to configure your DHCP so that your IP address never changes for server’s MAC-address

thats done its not the problem.
the other server wen i had not port forwarded it it worken on my network local.
the other one doesnt at all and it acts kinda strange it sat -1/20 players for like 5 min
the other on like 10 sec
its al little bit weird

Hi Bryan,

That’s a whole other question.
I would recommend to close this topic, and rename it so people can see that this was solved.

Then you can create a new topic, in regards to running two or more servers on one MineOS installation.
If you do that I can answer it with my text below :wink:

When you start MineOS and it’s booted, you will see a “blue” screen.On this bluescreen you will see the same IP addresses with certain ports, One of them is :12312 It’s the WebMin interface.

WebMin, is being used to manager your server through a web interface.
Login to the web interface using the username: “root” and use the password that you setup MineOs with.

Once, you are logged in to the web interface. Go to the topbar and look for “Networks” and then “Linux Firewall”.
Now you will see certain rules that are part of your Linux Firewall which is installed on your MineOS server.

I suppose you know the port that your are running your second server on?
Now you can click on: “Add new rule”.
Within this rule select:
-Network Protocol : TCP
-Destination TCP Port:

That’s it…

Your next question is going to be… to configure a bungee server :smile:

Also, based on your specific needs and configuration, I would not recommend to reserver your IP in your DHCP server, but rather give the server a static IP through the server config.

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