How to Create Server From Import

I want to make a Hide&Seek server and also a Hunger grames Server. I already downloaded the Worlds and put them into the folder “var/game/Minecraft/import” I can see them in the user web interface. Go to the “Import” option and click on “create server from Archive.” I put the world name and again click on “create Server from Archive,” But nothing happens. Does anyone know why?

I’m using Debian 9, Dual L5640 Xeon CPUs, 24GB ECC DDR3 ram.

I got it to get it imported and create a server but it generates a new world. Not the Imported Server

Update: I used “Mojang 1.18.2” as the profile and used “Minecraft_server.1.18.2.jar” as a Runnable jar. That’s why it was generating a new world.

update 2: I saw on youtube that I need to use forge; I’m using “1.18.2-recommended.” and jar “forge-1.18.2-40.1.0-installer.jar.” Ram is 4092Mb, when I press start the server only stays up for 30 secs before crashing. I can see the ram goes up to 1.92Gb before crashing.

Have you accepted the eula?
It may require another version of java.

Yes, I have accepted Eula; I know the world supports 1.18.2 since I added the world to my PC, and it runs fine on Java Vanilla 1.18.2.

Have you checked the other forge threads about using forge on MineOS?

No, I have not checked any other forge threads. I took a look at them and I noticed it’s a heck of a lot of time to get one running. I’m new to this too.

There is plenty of information online regarding modded servers and how to make you need to retrofit that information applicable to your needs. There is also a lot of good information that you can find on here too.

I think an area you need to focus on realistically is learning how Minecraft is structured. What i mean by this is you need to have a strong grasp of a few things mainly infrastructure related and how to navigate that infrastructure.

You also need to sit there and learn how MineOS is structured so you can navigate around it effciently

you also need to improve on problem solving like just because your server start then stops after 30s tells everyone else here just as much as you which is nothing. The first thing you should do in any case is read the log or post one here There is several logs that you need to know about.

All i mean is we know just as much as you can tell us so if we cannot really see anything substantial. Then we are just going to relay stuff that seem logical based of the parameters given.

Again. The first thing you want to look at is logs. No one is trying to shut you down but its hard to help someone with limited information.

In order of preference. over time you will know which one to look at first but usually you want to start at 1 first if you are unsure.

1 MineOS.log
2 Minecraft log
3 Crash report if applicable