How to connect to my server with minecraft pe

HELP it no work ee/…

Unfortunately this is due to incompatibility.

MineOS primarilly supports Minecraft java edition.
Windows10 Appstore is a Bedrock edition.

The two versions do not work together, and can not connect to each others serverstype.
To be able to connect o a minecraft java server you need this version of minecraft:

to be able to connect a bedrock client to a server you need the bedrock server:

Bedrock Servers will not show up in MineOS, and are not available for controll through MineOS. This is due to the bedrock servers being a compiled executive rather than a java-applet, so MineOS has no way of connecting. Since the Bedrock servers are in alpha testing, it also needs some os tweaking to get all depenencies in place. This means that untill MineOS can have a simple “click here to set up” it will not be added to profiles or downloads.

Both server types are free.
The bedrock server:
The java server:

The java servers are also available through MineOS profiles.

The java server only accepts java clients.
The bedrock server accept the following: Win10 Appstore version, Android version, IOS version. In theory also game console versions, but those consoles limit the posibility to connect to servers by IP-adress.

More about the Bedrock edition:
More about the Java edition:

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