How to change automatic restart?

Thanks for taking the time to help, I was wondering how I could go about editing the automatic 24 hour restart set from within the MineOS configuration for my server?

It seems to currently restart at 23:59:59 which has proven to be an inconvenient time for our users.

Is there also a way to notify before restarting at 15 minutes & 2 minutes or so in advance?

Thank you!


You can’t change the interval for daily backups in the web-ui. Under the Python webui (what you’re using), the alternative is to create cronjobs that you schedule manually.

See the wiki for more:

The upcoming web-ui allows the creation of crontabs from within the web-ui, but basically all methods require use of learning the crontab format.

Yes, by creating a cronjob that sends your text to the console, via the same method.

How would someone go about what you have mentioned hexparrot?