How to actually update?

I hope this is in the correct space. I’m not sure what version i WAS on because it didn’t tell me on my webUI. From what I have gathered the webUI has gone from using python to nodejs (something like that… I’m not a dev so I’m not sure). I followed the instructions here: Updating the Webui (python) and it failed the git merge origin/master step with the error:

error:  Untracked working tree file '' would be overrwritten by merge.

So I looked around and on the same page found the git reset --hard origin/master command along with the chmod +x

I performed both of those however the initial reason for looking into updating was this youtube video: Using the MineOS Interface where I noticed that the version showed 1.2.2 in the upper-left hand corner and there are a lot of more simplified options in creating new servers etc.

I cannot find anything anywhere that is a straight “how to upgrade” that gets me to essentially go from the python install to the nodejs install? I have found this post however I am still unclear after reading if it is working or not. I am going to post there and find out but in the meantime is there a resource to cover this update?

Thank you.

Also a follow-up to this… now none of my worlds will start up. Well they start up but they all have the Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 2985ms behind, skipping 59 tick(s) error :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated.


It’s really, really misleading to say something won’t start up simply because it is struggling to provide the required CPU power that Minecraft is demanding.

There’s no settings that need to be changed for such an error–“is the system overloaded” is a symptom of too many plugins, too many players, too many servers running, running mapping in the background, or any number of things that use normal computer resources–even something as straightforward as a single server and somebody moving around in it to generate tons of new chunks.