How to access advanced options menu in other distros?

i have installed mineOS on ubuntu LTS 20.04, and it’s working.

but i would like to add a domain name forwarding to my server. i own a domain name on namecheap, but don’t know how to add it.

I tried to configure port forwarding to my server, and used port 1652 because the software of my ISP doesn’t support ports above 16383. but, how do i get my public ip adress ?

thanks a lot !

I was No-IP, but I think it works the same way. The service may offer an app that will “call home” with the cure IP and updated their database.

My route pairs with No-IP, and does the automatically. Look into their support docs and see if they have a ~Deb version of this app.

It is usually considered somewhat of a bad answer to answer with a google search, but in this case google answers with your IP:

So, I installed ubuntu server, but I think this works
But now, sorry to bother you, but I don’t get something : when installing turnkey, you have an advanced options menu, with options like ssl let’s encrypt certificate, or add site. What’s the replacement for apt get mineos ?

To get MineOS installed on ubuntu server you can follow the steps here:

Yeah, that’s what I did, and it works. I started a paper server and can join it with the private address.