How many servers can go on one pc

i want to know how many servers can go on one pc becuase i want to make a pc that can hold like 10 servers but idk if theres a limit. if there is please tell me

This would have to depend on the hardware you’re going to use. And what I recommend may differ from what others suggest. That being said, you’re going to want to have lots of RAM, and maybe multiple CPUs with multiple cores. The network would be something to consider, but the draw on bandwidth isn’t as much as an issue as the RAM.

You can look into old retired business servers, and get them for a fraction of the cost of when they were new.

I should also mention that you can have a server with lesser specs and out perform one with higher hardware by what the world server has going on. For example, if the world has a lot of entities, players, and is large, it could tax the system out.


hi thanks for answering im but im gonna make like 10 just for fun so my friends can have a server. i dont care about the specs because ill just get the specs i need for 10 servers when it comes to it it. i was just wondering if there was a limit on the os for 1 computer

My apologies if my answer wasn’t really clear. There isn’t a maximum number, per se, that MineOS limits. But in order for 10 simultaneously running servers, the system may become unstable or perform slowly IF you don’t have adequate hardware.

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hi thanks for replying again i have one last question. the best cpu with integrated graphics is the r5 3400g right and i want a better cpu than that. can i get a crappy gpu to display the screen and get a really good cpu so i can have like a r9 or r7 and like 128 gb of ram? my friends wont let anymore than 10 people in because they dont have 10 friends lol. but the main question is if i get a r7 and a crappy gpu will that out preform the r5 3400g?

For a minecraft server, the GPU has no impact. All graphics are rendered on the client machines.

As said above. MineOS has no limit on number of servers, but there is a hardware limit, and there are OS limits due to the number of avilable screen-sessions available. Unless it has been compiled otherwise, the default number of screen-sessions available is 40:

Each minecraft server needs 1 screen session, so this would mean that there is most likely a limint on 40 simultaneus running minecraft servers on one MineOS server.

Your major limit is the amount of RAM available, since Java actually needs the amount of RAM you dedicate to it, and you need to have RAM available for OS system tasks. If you allocate more ram in total to your minecraft server than there physically is installed in you server, your minecraft server risk crashing when it tries to use unavailable memory.

From :

**OS Requirements** : You reserve 1 GB RAM for the OS, plus an additional 1 GB for every 4 GB between 4-16 and another 1 GB for each 8 GB above 16 GB. For example, a server with 32 GB RAM uses 7 GB for the OS

To calculate RAM needed the easiest way just add up the amount of ram you dedicate to each minecraft server. and add some more for system tasks. F.ex. if each server gets 2GB reserved each, youd need 10*2 GB + aprox 6 GB for system tasks, so at least 26 GB RAM, wich probably would end up as 32 GB since that is the easiest to combine in RAM hardware. (4 x 8GB, or 2 x 16GB)

For 10 running servers you alos need a processor beefy enough to handle it, a to slow processor means lag. A multicore with enough speed should do it.

For the client the Minecraft requirements are here:

For tips on building minecraft client systems look here:


thanks for the reply but i said ik the gpu does nothing i was asking if a r7 and a crappy gpu (to display the screen instead of a apu) would that out preform the r5 3400g???

I’m not sure what your’e asking. Are you talking about the minecraft servers or the computer you are actually going to run the game client on?

For the server it won’t outperform, since it do not need to peromf GPU. My MineOS and minecraft server run on a virtual Ubuntu Server running headless (without monitor or desktop manager) on in a virtaulbox on a windows server. It do not use the GPU at all.

MineOS is a webUI, so you can use any webbrowser on any computer on the same LAN using the address https://{your MineOS servers LAN IP here}:8443/. Even this is GPUwise handled by the computer running the web-browser, and not MineOS.


From the client side, the player’s computer’s configuration would only assist in their gameplay. For example, rendering the world’s view, movement, entity rendering, etc. What the server is doing at that same time, is loading the chunks, tracking the entities, and maintaining the world. So when you have 20 players spread out in a large area, and various farms with many factors with cows, carrorts and the like, it will impact the server greatly.

The only thing I could think of as an exemption to the CPU vs GPU vs APU is: if you are planning on using a retired bitcoin mining server. And if you have access to one, can get a kernel working on one, hash out the MineOS packages, then have at it. I, myself, am not that familiar with them

Edit: 20 players per server (or potentially 200 total players)

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Thanks guys! 20 characters bruh?

People connecting to your games are different than servers. So players is a pretty high number, Servers are going to usually be pretty low. Everyone here has provided plenty of math, but I use the Turnkey MineOS and it takes barely any resources for the operating system. That means you get more server resources available for the server itself. Keep that in mind when thinking about total resources.