How do you configure Iptables?

I am trying to open up a second port, and I tried following the MineOS Wiki but I don’t know where I enter all of the command lines it gives me. I tried entering them in a shell under the MineOS jail in the FreeNAS WebUI, but that didn’t work. I also tried following the wiki on how to setup root login so I can ssh with PuTTY, but I don’t know where to enter “service sshd restart” after I configure it. Even if I could have figured that out, I still don’t know which IP address I’m supposed to use to ssh. If I just used my regular IP for the entire server device itself, then what user and password would I use if I need to run the Iptable commands? Help!

EDIT: When I try to use any IP I find when using “ifconfig,” nothing works in PuTTY.

Maybe try to access the terminal locally?