How do install MineOS on Ubuntu 17.10?

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I’ve installed Ubuntu 17.10 and got it working finally. (Getting stuck after running fsck)
Now, what commands do I use to install MineOS on it? I don’t need an FTP server or a SSH server has I already have once configured. I also have Oracle’s Java 8 installed too.

I’ve used MineOS Turnkey for many months before but now I’m trying it out on Ubuntu.

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Unless there are huge differences in ubuntu versions this guide should still work:

Hi there, thanks for a response.

Do I run all of those commands then on that page in order?
Mostly concerned about the "Installing Dependencies" Section - apt-get or node 4.x ?


Yep. Start at the top and work yourself downwards (after a complete readthrough first off course)

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I appricate your help. :smiley:


On a new account now.
Was installing everything - then it says run “minecraft” which isn’t even a command.

Here’s what I’ve ran:

curl -sL | bash - apt-get -y (needed to install curl)
install nodejs

apt-get update apt-get -y install -y git rdiff-backup screen build-essential 
openjdk-8-jre-headless (no such command)

mkdir -p /usr/games

cd /usr/games
git clone 
minecraft (no command)
cd minecraft (no directory)

Please help. :smiley:

Note the command:

git clone minecraft
cd minecraft

You’re splitting off the ‘minecraft’ part from the git clone command.