How do i take a server to a clean install of MineOS?

Hello i need some help my Webui is REALLY slow and i cant access eny of my server is it possible to take one server to a clean install of MineOS?

Make an archive copy, then use the import function on the new server

I am unable to access the server so i cant make an archive
is there some other way to do it like doing it manually?

With SSH:
The archive function is basically just MineOS using the command “tar -czf {servername}.tgz” in /var/games/minecraft/servers/

Then use filezilla to copy the file out from your server

It does not seem to work it just says

“tar: You may not specify more than one ‘-Acdtrux’, ‘–delete’ or '-- option
Try ‘tar --help’ or ‘tar --usage’ for more information. “