How do I port forward?

How do I port forward a Minecraft server with mine os? I want to build a fan server for my Twitch channel. Also, how do you protect your IP address not being leaked?

A few things come to mind on how to accomplish this. I would setup a dynamic DNS for your IP address, look into packages that offer protection like Fail2Ban, and also utilize a whitelist for your players.

Thanks! But how do u port forward so that my friends can access the server?

Every router will have a different method to configure the ports. But generally You will need admin access to the web console for the router and look for it, it might be under advanced. The manual and manufacturer’s website should have that information.

If you can’t access the console, the look into getting a proxy service setup. For that, someone else might suggest a good product or knowledge, as I haven’t done that at all.