How do I install plugins

Before we begin I want to make it clear, I’ve never really touched Linux until a day or two ago, and that I’m terrible at code!
Ok so, I got my first server running today, and now I’d like to get plugins on it.
I’ve heard about Spigot but I can’t find anything on how to set it up with MineOS

Please help,
thanks in advance!


Remember, MineOS is simply a front-end for Minecraft servers. As of now, it doesn’t do anything involving plugin management or installation, so the instructions you might read for installing plugins from the plugin or Spigot documentation is what you want to follow.

For the most part, other than the path, the instructions likely can be followed verbatim. The path of your Minecraft data is:


If you need some assistance making sense out of a particular plugin installation, let us know what you’re trying to install and what instructions you’re trying to follow and we can help walk you through it.