How do i install MineOS-Node from comand line only?

i recently got a new machine, and i want to run MineOS-Node on it. it has no access to a desktop view and im not sure how to make it install on boot in the bios. and suggestions on how to install it from command prompt from a usb? thanks

If you can get Linux installed, the Wiki link will walk through the steps. The left sidebar lists various versions of different distros.

I thought I would give my insight since I just did this a while ago. If you want to use the debian distro that is posted you will need to burn the iso as a bootable drive to a usb. I had trouble with the Ubuntu version and don’t really want the GUI bloat associated with it. Just note, I didn’t bother creating a grub loader for this and fully partitioned my system drive. If you want to setup a grub loader so you can have multiple operating systems, you will need to figure that out.

I would first download Etcher ( as this was the only application I could get to make a proper bootable usb. The boot configuration from Rufus and unetboot has some sort of device issue which would constantly try to use a CDROM for installation causing errors and ultimately failing. I attempted to fix it for a while and found it was too deeply embedded within the contents.

Etcher is pretty straight forward. Just note that the drive gets formatted in a way that Windows doesn’t recognize. Stick the usb in the system you want to format and turn the system on. Hold F7 (Boot options) and when being prompted to select the drive, choose the usb you have inserted. Follow the instructions of the installer or a YouTube guide on the installation/partitioning of the TurnKeyOS. Should be pretty straight forward once you get to the partitioning section. Also, make sure you skip all the TurnKeyOS setup stuff. Hope this helps.