How do I import a server

There is a particular server jar and world that I want to use for my server on MineOs, but I have put the zipped contents into var/games/minecraft/import, (though I had to create minecraft and import folders). It is uploaded to that through filezilla, and when I go to the web ui it isn’t showing up under import a server, I am very new to all of this so I am sorry if these are stupid problems

This seems problematic. I mean, /var/games/minecraft is a critical MineOS folder which should be created at any time the webui runs (first time, and all subsequent times).

Can you provide your /var/log/mineos.log file? I suspect there’s something gone awry, and it will likely be in this log file.

I found my issue, I am very new to freenas and found out I was in the wrong var folder, and that the jail had it’s own. I am having a new issue, should I create a new topic?