How do i get java 8 on turnkey

I can’t install java 8 on mineos turnkey with the command sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk please help

I went through this same isue in the other thread. Dont use PPA repos because those are meant for ubuntu i know if you try searching for methods then thos will propably come up
PPA does not really translate well outside of ubuntu.

Extract the archive which ever one you decide to use and ftp it over as mc not root.

Either nano or ftp to /usr/games/minecraft/servername/server.conf
and set the java binary path to the location where you ftp the java to.


disregard the path in i used in this image because its wrong.

"java_binary= " is the location you are concerned about here and set it to the location were you put the java files.

Ok I downloaded Adoptium but I can’t really find /usr/games/minecraft/servername /server.conf is it in var or usr?

servername being what ever you called the minecraft server

Yeah I know but I found the server.config in here /var/games/minecraft/servers/servername/