How do i change server ip address

How do i change server ip address
i just don’t trust my friends all over the world so i wanna change from my personal ip address to something that’s not my ip. How?

Well the only thing that I can think of is to setup a server and have it in a DMZ of the router. Then use a dynamic dns service to point to that. There are free services available, if you perform their upkeep.

Your IP address is issued to your by your ISP (internet service provider). Users will 100% need that information to be able to reach your server.

Using things like Dynamic DNS will aid these users in not needing to know your IP address (and instead use something like but this address will still reveal your IP.

Two things to consider:

  1. it’s not that dangerous for your public IP to be out there (provided that your router is set up with a firewall) on its own

  2. servers listening and letting users through that firewall is what could be dangerous. If you don’t trust your friends… you should consider a hosting solution that’s not at home?


  1. research what people can do with just your IP. Get more comfortable knowing that your internet address doesn’t mean people can enter your network, like how knowing your street address doesnt mean people can enter your house.

  2. if you’re still afraid of all the ways your street / internet address expose you, consider paid hosting elsewhere with commercial companies. personally hosting minecraft servers means providing personal ip addresses.


You could setup a proxy with like bungeecord. The only thing with this is that it probably isn’t going to be free (since you are going to want to host it on a VPS or something of that level, recommended is only 512mb so just a few bucks on sites like OVH). Same goes for special VPN services that technically could do this. bungeecord would eliminate the need to give out the public IP and you can also bind a domain to it. People can probably still find your public IP but they would need to try harder.

Hello, yes i understand but, it’s really expensive to have a server online that has at least 8 GB of ram because i play modded minecraft. But i need a custom ip address to my server and that is not a thing i can do?
if not rip.
But how do online server host’s do it then?

So i can just buy a VPN like NordVPN and then i can just have my Minecraft servers ip some where that is not my home?!?!
So let’s say im a twitch streamer and all my viewers want’s to join my server and but my ip address so i don’t want to give my ip to everyone. So i can change it witch a VPN? and now 1000 random dudes are not going to find where i live? or ddos me :wink: ??

I still do not quite get why you feel this to be a threat. Your IP adress is easily available from lots of sources, like the logs from any webpage or server you visit.

I’ve been using minecraft and MineOS for over 5 years, with varying sices and popularity of servers. In adittion to a webserver. I previously also ran one of norways largest trackmania nations classic servers. The problem you are fearing has never happened me.

As for getting your physical location. Most IPS only show infomration about what city an IP is within. They do not give out more info to others than law enforcement.

Your ISP probably all ready has DDOS protection active on their systems, as a DDOS attack on your IP would go through their entire network setup, not only hitting you, but all their customers. Its in tour ISP¨s best interest to have a good DDOS protection running.

Just having and active connection to the internet leaves the computer open to queries and attacks. I have reviewed my router’s log and found DoS and DDoS attacks, but nothing impacted my network. The router absorbed them and logged their “IP” address.

A friend of mine, who is equally concerned about the exposure, has some sort of system setup. However, I believe he uses a NAS service that hosts his server. So that doesn’t reveal is location.

I understand everyone and thanks for the info! I still wonder how you can get a IP like :thinking:

Edit: can you do it like him:

You’ll want to register a domain name and have that point to your IP. Most service providers use a dynamic DNS, so you may need to subscribe to one of the the many out there. Some routers even provide a client that partners with one or two.

Now that doesn’t hide your IP, just makes it easier to remember like

Another way to do this is using a sudo vpn/proxy server like:

On your server, you run this and setup your virtual network, then your friends also install this and they join your virtual network name. This creates a private tunnel between you all and gives each client it’s own internal ip address that is not routable on the internet.
Not sure what turns up in a netstat output though. more info:

This can also get you out of having to do port forwards on your router and exposing the server to the internet.

The easiest way is to employ a VPN or proxy service to hide your current IP address and re-locate you into another target one the VPN or proxy supports. I’m Now using PandaVPN now to play Mobile Legends on foreign servers… If you have enough budget, maybe you can try some other ones like above mentioned NordVPN and ExpressVPN. VPN is superior to proxy thanks to the internal encryption tech. Gook luck!