How do I build a forge server?

I installed MineOS and then setup a spigot server. Come to find out later that all the cool addons use forge. My son is really sad because i told him to look up cool mods on youtubes and I cant make them happen. Can someone walk me into what to do? I have tried multiple times to do it myself but it never seems to work and Id prefer to keep the buildings we already made if possible?

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Ok mate, as a first precaution, make sure all the mods are for whatever version you plan on playing. Like 1.14.4 or 1.12.2 (which is where most mods come from). This may mean that your wonderful son will not be able to have all the mods he has found but there is still a chance. Secondly, figure out what version the most mods are for, then stick with that. (This again, will most likely be 1.12) Then, go into the web UI and go to profiles, there should be a dropdown menu at the top that says something like Mojang, click on it and then there should be a lot of options! Look through it till you find one called Forge. Click on it and you should see lots of versions. Click on the second one called 1.14.4-Recomended. Download it. When you get that far tell me!

I think 1.12 is going to be where we need to be. So i did all of that. 1.12.2-recommended

Ready now what?

Is your world 1.12.2 though? Recently with the 1.13 update mojang changed the way in which worlds were made, with new item ids which can’t be converted back to pre-1.13. If your world is on minecraft 1.13 or above you will need to use forge 1.13 or 1.14 in order to get mods on your world without losing all of your stuff. Before using the world with forge I also recommend backing it up in case it gets corrupted or some items and blocks go missing from your builds or the landscape. I reccomend forge 1.14. An easy way to to tell what Minecraft version you are using is to check the name of the minecraft window. It will say the version there, but if you still can’t find the version just check the ocean of your minecraft. If it has seaweed in the ocean you are on 1.13 or newer! There aren’t as many mods for 1.14 as for 1.12, but theres still a pretty cool selection. You also may be able to use the JEIDS mod to use your world in 1.12, but many items and blocks may go missing from your world.

Follow what Bulletinum said, he’s got me here. If all else fails, and your world is before 1.12, you could possibly use the same seed and rebuild your world in creative and then switch to survival. It’s not easy but it will work.

Well, how about I just start over? Installing it from scratch…
Setup a server, named it Forge_Adventure.
On the status page i select the server on the drop down.
Change profile to: Forge 1.12.2-recommended
Java settings: Forge 1.12.2 xxx installer.jar
I run it and it then stops after a few minutes.
I then see that under java settings for Forge 1.12.2 xxx universal.jar and minecraft_server 1.12.2.jar
When i use the universal it outputs this.
It hangs here no matter how long i leave it. I also can not connect.
What am i doing wrong?

[00:30:46] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer]: Starting Minecraft server on

According to this log, it appears you’re entering into the server-ip field of

Clear out that value and restart the server and you’ll be able to connect to it.

That does not work. The server is and yes the port is 25566 because im using 25565 for the other server until I get this one sorted.
When i edit the config file, the ip box is already blank as i never set it.

This is almost always the problem. Your server may have the address on one of your interfaces, but if the server should almost always be listening on, instead.

The only reason it should be a 10. address is if the client you’re also trying to connect with has a 10. address. Is this the case?

Because if your client’s machine doesn’t have a 10. address, it cannot get onto the non-routable 10.x network that your Minecraft server is listening on.

With that said, if your is not listing any value for server-ip, can you check if your particular forge server has alternate places such a value could have been set?

The server is up, is what the logs show–connectivity issues almost always lie in the interface inappropriately limiting it’s listening to non-routed networks.

motd=A Minecraft Server

The only people connecting to this will be on the same lan. same ip structure. Ill post the .