How do changes to server properties present on client?

I’m sure it’s been asked before but I can’t find an answer…

Just created a brand new Minecraft server, running great on 1.17.1, couldn’t get 1.18 to work, son got in, played a little bit but wanted a different world (I left Seed blank). I went online found some seed lists, added it to to my server properties and then restarted my server, assuming that would work.

It does not look like it did… what step am I missing here? How can I make ANY changes to my server and have it propagate to the client? Seed specifically but I’ll need to make other changes down the road I’m sure.

The seed is calculated on first world run, so if you started your server, THEN changed the seed you need to first delete the entire world folder, then start it again. The new world will be generated with the new seed.

Thank you, where is that folder? **var/games/minecraft/server name?

It is one of the sub folders in that location yes :slight_smile:

So If I download a Minecraft world of the internet, do I just draw the folder to the var/games/Minecraft? For example, I’m trying to play hide and seek, but it does not work because I dragged the folder to var/games/minecraft/server name. But when I do it on my PC, not the server, like just importing a server into my PC, the world works.