How can i install /boot and grub on a separate hardrive?


I have 2 hardrives, hardrive A and Hardrive b.

Hardrive A is viewable in bios, hardrive B is not viewable in bios. Both hardrives are viewble in the turnkey linux installation iso though.

I’m wanting to install turnkey linux mainly on hardrive B while also installing the boot files onto hardrive A.

That way my computer can boot using the viewable hardrive A and then load the actual turnkey linux system and files from hardrive B.

Can someone please give step by step instructions for doing a setup like this with the latest “mineos-node_bullseye-x64.iso

If anyone has discord you can add me jorde#6574

btw i tried setting up using entire disk(hardrive b) then partitioning (hardrive a) to mount /boot then installing grub onto (hardrive a) but when i reboot the computer it goes into grub rescue and says “no such device” and “invalid filesystem”