How can i figure out if i have the newest OS Version availabel?

Hi… so i made a Server a long time ago and now i want to use it again…
but i was thinking that the version that i am using must be really old, but how can i update it?

i am scared if i run “apt-get update” and “apt-get upgrade” that stuff will get damaged since it happend once to me that version got incompatible with each other…

i have a Turnkey version and it must be more or less 2 years old… the web-ui i managed to update!

Thanks for the help!

If you wish to only update your webUI following the instructions here do that: Updating the Webui - MineOS Wiki

But unfortunately later minecraft server versions have upgraded their demands for java version, so you need to upgrade that as well. Search this forum, there are several post about updating to the correct java version.

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