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I’m wondering if the servers you make for minecraft on MineOS automatically get listed up on any websites for people to find and join, just because I seem to be getting many daily connection attempts to my server and actually found in the logs at least one unknown to me random person has joined my server. If so how do I disable it?

No they aren’t listed automatically, I have no idea how anyone got ahold of your servers IP address.

I have had a random person connect to one of mine (not mineos, hosted on a service).
Use a whitelist to restrict to people you know.
If you’re not allowing external connections you should block those ports in your router.

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Could be people just brute forcing like that group from 2b2t did:
These 2b2t Griefers Went Too Far… - YouTube

Yea it doesn’t work like that. I constantly get pinged and login attempts are made. Some ways you can mitigate it is to set up fail2ban and change your ssh port to something unique.