HiHELP: I am trying to run an modded server and have some problem

So I am trying to make an modded server but

{possible issue} modpack server jar is from ftb but I am launching it through forge because it is no longer on ftb and on forge is only link to ftbserver jar {modpacks name Regrowth} also you can find same modpack on profile>ftb_third_old_party>Regrowth

modpack is big

I hav tried this but is not working https://discourse.codeemo.com/t/don-t-know-how-to-add-mod-to-my-server/4940/3https://discourse.codeemo.com/t/don-t-know-how-to-add-mod-to-my-server/4940/3 (if link is not working just type in MineOs forum Regrowth and first result)

Also I do not understand what are those things like profile and spingot and how they works.
Can I use linux write instead of filezilla?

when I log into server through launcher I can see think like changed recipes but they are not working and if I will use thing like recipe what is cuz of mod nol longer in game I can t see result but I can take it out from empty crafting grid
If log through normal minecraft (same version of course) I see it as normall not modded server
plus the modpack have its own map but instead of some kind of death desert I hove normal world whit three

If will sombody respond whith answer,help or tutorial
it will be great.