High server load on new FTB world

I have just started a Direwolf20 1.12 FTB world on MineOS turnkey. Initially there were no problems with the server, but all of a sudden it seems like there is a runaway process that is eating up all the CPU or Ram (or something).

I am running MineOS on a Virtualbox VM. If I start the VM, go to the MineOS gui and then create a new restore point for the server, it will take a very long time (or fail). And this is without the server even running. Ditto for creating a new archive. On the load averages graph it gets up to 3 or 4. When it gets like the VM almost “locks up” and I often can’t even send the shut down signal.

The server is virtually brand new so very little of the world has been explored, and there are no automated machines running anywhere. The current archive is around 500mb.

I first thought the VM might be running out of storage space, but there is heaps available. I have allocated 6gb to the VM, so that seems to be fine.

I tried running “top” via Putty and didn’t see any obvious problems - the java process was using around 45% of memory. Nothing seemed to be maxing out.

I have used older versions of FTB before but this is the first 1.12 pack I have used, so maybe there is something weird going on. Any ideas?

Update - I’ve decided to set up a fresh MineOS on a physical machine. So far, the 1.12 FTB server is working fine, so maybe my problem was something to do with running it on a VM.