High Load Averages

Using the latest version of MineOS I created a Forge server, just a small set of mods for this go around, everything ran great once it was set up… Now a couple days later the Load Averages are way higher than day one, and upon connecting to the server, players are falling thru an unloaded world until they are disconnected. The server has been stopped, restarted, the server computer has been rebooted, and nothing seems to be fixing the problem. What happened in a couple days? Why are the Loads Averages so high??

One other notable thing, the WebUI panel runs fantastic, when the server is stopped, once started my browser is frozen, FireFox, IE, doesn’t matter, only way to get it back it to end process in Task Manager.

Help is appreciated, if there is another thread that addresses this problem, direction would also be good, Thanks in advance.

Load averages are a very one dimensional indicator of how much work your server needs to do. Use the “top” utility from the command line and figure out what process is actually using up all your cpu.

Mineos is just a front end to running minecraft, so there shouldn’t be a lot of processing power used by it–but there have been some exceptional cases–which could could be a bug. But we can’t know without looking at top.

If you see that the node process is moderate to low cpu, and in fact the cpu is used by forge, then the answer gets harder, but at least we know the problem is localized to the world or not.

Based on your description, it sounds more minecraft related, as mineos would not have much impact on whether players fall through unloaded worlds. Let us know and we can explore.

Turns out somebody did something that corrupted a chunk in the world, after removing the bad file from the region folder, the load problem resolved itself. Thanks for the reply!