Help with the EULA/Server wont start 1.8.8

I cant seem to accept the ELUA, the server just doesnt run so i cant accept it can someone help?

this is what it says /var/games/minecraft/profiles/spigot_1.8.8 and when i hit copy to server it doesnt show up there

You can manually accept the EULA by ssh and use /var/games/minecraft/servers/name_of_server/nano eula.txt
Change eula=false to true
This may have to be done either with sudo or the mc account.
Disclaimer: I have not used spigot servers before, but this should still work.

Now this is what it says i imported my own server that i use to run on my pc

[FantasyBlock] start failed

Server may not be up when performing this action


have you solve the problem?