Help with getting wireless up and running

Hi everyone

I’m new to Mineos and have been struggeling to get it up and running the way I wanted. One problem I faced was getting the wireless up and running. I found this link

Mineos Wireless

But that didn’t do the trick for me. Fortunately I found this link:

Nick’s Morning Beat Blog

on how to get it up and running on a Acer Revo 3610. I used the link to get a Lenovo up and running so it is generic. If the link is going to be broken in the future, you can contact me. I have written it down on a piece of paper (Yes, I’m that old)

Best regards

Personally, I’d prefer getting myself a cheap, DD-WRT capable router, and configuring it as a network bridge (there are way more perks and features doing it that way actually).