Help: Synology DS718+ & Docker, cannot access WebUI


I’m very new to this so I do apologise for my lack of knowledge on the topic, but to put the story short, I am interested in running a small Minecraft server for my partner and I to play together on, I have just purchased and set up a Synology DS718+ to replace our old WD MyCloud and I have installed Docker and Java, along with this (through Docker itself) and honestly I am in need of a bit of help, as I’m not quite sure what I’m doing.

I’ve never used Docker before, but I am confident enough in my abilities to use a Linux Terminal to some degree if necessary.

I’ve gotten as far as to get the Container running, but I’m unable to access the WebUI.

Would anyone be able to provide any step by step instructions, or a short rundown of the general steps I should follow, or if possible is there any specific information I could provide to help troubleshoot the issue?

I would like to open the server up to some friends in the future (I’m adding more RAM to accommodate this).

Thank you for your time and assistance.

The mineos-docker readme might have some useful information here.

The key is that in addition to any networking changes required for external users to reach your Synology machine, they’ll ultimately end up at some port, needing to be further forwarded to your container & container’s port.

To the docker invocation command, then, you’ll want to include these lines:

-p 8443:8443 -p 25565:25565

Mind you, this isn’t all you would include, but this is the networking portion that says “on the synology, if traffic comes in on port 8443, forward it through to docker also on 8443.”

Likewise, for 25565, and also know it’s not essential for these port numbers to match, but often it is more convenient that way.

Hey there!

I appreciate the response, though I must admit I’m unsure of what you mean by Docker Invocation Command, regrettably this is my first time leaping into Synology and Docker.

I’ve checked out the Readme but I’m unsure of how to use that, am I supposed be using a terminal for Docker? So far I’ve been using the GUI, everything looks just like the images in this article:

I’ve followed this exactly, albeit in English but still don’t seem to have the ability to connect to MineOS.

When I look at the Docker Share (Docker made its separate share upon install) it has created folders like Profile, Server etc, but I do not see any relating to MineOS.

Do forgive me for being stupid, but is there an “ExplainLikeI’mFive” way about this? It’s an entirely brand new scene to me, any information and guides I find appear to be for Docker on FreeNAS, QNAP or others, none for Synology Diskstation’s.

I am able to get the Container to run, and continue running, it does appear to load everything, but heading to doesn’t show MineOS.

Thanks again for the assistance.

It’s probably going to be something like from here, regarding port forwarding:

Traffic hits your router, needs to get sent to your host synology (port forwarding on the router).

Traffic hits your host machine, needs to get sent to your docker container (port forwarding on the synology).

Hey there,

Apologies for the delay in updating, but I was able to get this running thanks to the info provided, and it was indeed a port forwarding issue! I can now see the MineOS WebUI and everything is working as it should do.

For anyone else looking to resolve any similar issues, make sure that your Docker Configuration’s ports are set properly, don’t use ‘Auto’ and triple check your Router’s ports are forwarded correctly.

Thanks for the help!

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