Help restore points aren't working!

I just messed up and did a kill @e and it wiped every farm, village, etc near me and I need to roll back. My server does 30 minute restore points, but when I stop the server and go to restore, it just says “restore failed” with no information on why. What do I do?

Okay crisis averted, after restarting several times it worked randomly even though the console still says failed.

That is massively anxiety inducing. Where can I find logs or some real info? Just saying “failed” with no reason doesn’t help me diagnose anything.

All we did was keep taking the server down, hitting restore, and putting it up to see if it did, and every time it said restore failed, but after like the 5th try, upon logging in, it was restored. The console never once said success.

Logs at /var/log/mineos.log.

Alternatively, always just keep in mind that all backups are simply kept in /var/games/minecraft/backup/[servername] with rdiff-backup.

This means restores can be made with simple non-MineOS functions…strictly bash:

rdiff-backup --restore-as-of [num-steps] --force [src] [dest]
rdiff-backup --restore-as-of 1B --force /var/games/minecraft/backup/myservername /var/games/minecraft/servers/myservername

0B means ‘the most recent backup’
1B means ‘the backup before the most recent backup’
2B … and so forth.

In this way, you can see all the output from the attempts directly.

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