Help installing mods/forge

I’ve managed to run for a while a few mojoang profile worlds for my kids, but now they want mods and I’m not getting anywhere fast - help please.

I’ve set up a new server using a Forge 1.12.2-recommended profile, but the world won’t start and when I look in the server directory there isn’t a mods folder. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help

Well, this is probably a bigger fish to fry than the missing mods folder. Few things:

  1. have you tried just downloading a profile that already contains a bunch of mods your kids want?
  2. are there any errors when you try to start the server that would help us ascertain …why it’s not starting? (e.g., some logs)

hi - thanks for the help.

I think I’ll try option 1 - can you recommend a profile please? The main mod my kids want is ‘dragon mounts’, but I can appease them with others for now

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Is there a place for profile downloadings?
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Plz share your findings