Help installing modpack on MineOS

Hi I need help installing a modpack called Encrypted_ onto MineOS I’ve already gotten the zip into the import folder. I just don’t know how to run the forge installer
… I’m using TrueNAS and have installed MineOS onto that.

Edit: I’ve switched to Ubuntu and installed MineOS turnkey onto that and idk how to get the modpack to run, I’ve gotten Minecraft 1.19.3 to run perfectly well, but when I try with the modpack it starts and just dies… it doesn’t even create a log i can look at

cd to the location where your forge forge-xxxxxx-installer.jar is and then run the following command…

java -jar forgexxxinstaller.jar --installServer replace forgexxxinstaller.jar with the name of the installer you have.

You should then get some files appear and one of them should be the forge universal file you need to run the server…

There is also a guide on the official wiki.