Help Adding A Flash Drive As RAM

Hey Guys! I was wondering if anyone can help me out with adding RAM to MineOS. It Is Currently Running On An Old Dell inspiron 1501 with 1gb of RAM and I want to use my 8gb Flash Drive As Ram For A Total Of Around 9GB of RAM. Can Anyone Tell me how to do this?

Thumb drives aren’t RAM. they are different technologies completely, and run at vastly different speeds. The thumb drive compared to RAM would be like walking compared to flying in a jet fighter. Yes windows has a feature that lets you “augment” your ram amount using a thumb drive. But all this is really is a USB Swap space.

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Exactly. When my laptop runs out of RAM, I would like for it to use the Flash Drive As Ram B/C Im Goin To Need ALOT More RAM Right Now

Swap space or flash drives are no substitute for actual ram. You are guaranteed to hinder your server’s performance by allocating more to the Java heap than you have available to your system in actual, physical RAM.

Swap space is available to prevent server crashes, and that is it. When it comes to performance, the second you start swapping is the moment you can expect all responsiveness in the game to suffer.

If flash drives really could supplement ram, why wouldn’t all servers just plug in another 64 gb flash drive?

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